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You don't have to pedal across America, or fly-off to New Zealand, or even be an Adventure Racer to enjoy the benefits of great-tasting No Opportunity Wasted® Energy Bars. Whether you are a seriously active athlete looking for a great performance tool, a weekend warrior looking for an edge, or even a health-conscious individual looking for a nutritious snack, No Opportunity Wasted® Energy Bars were developed with All-Natural ingredients, and have an ideal 4:1 carb to protein ratio to fuel and maintain energy levels during any endurance activity. Unlike your average energy bar, No Opportunity Wasted® bars contain WHITE CHIA SEEDS which provide healthy EFA's but can also help regulate electrolytes, and are the only US marketed bar made with New Zealand's potent MANUKA HONEY which helps boost the immune system with its inherent antibacterial properties.

No Opportunity Wasted ®Energy Bars are moist, won't melt and tasty to the core. There is no need to try and chew down some grainy dry energy bar anymore. One taste of a No Opportunity Wasted ®Energy Bar and you will see why there is no comparison.